Corporate Profile

Eetech supplies Cable tray, Cable ladder, Trunking, Air grill and Ducting in Viet Nam


Established in 2011, Eetech has grown to become one of the largest Building Material manufacturers in Viet Nam.

Our main products includes: cable trunking, cable tray, cable ladder, wire mesh cable tray, unistrut channel and fittings that in accordance with BS, UL,CE,NEMA, AMSI, JIS and GB standard, are widely used in the markets, hotels, power plant, underground construction and mansion. Etc.

Our base of high quality and competitive price have allowed Eetech to experience tremendous growth and rapid expansion which is still ongoing today. We look forward to making the impossible happen for you. Our products have been mainly supplied to many high end building in Vietnam Formosa Ha Tinh, Crow plaza Nha Trang, Happy Valley, Estella, Union Square, Signature, Star hill, etc. Eetech is always dedicating to the development of international market and offering professional service to the clients.


Continuous Improvement

We make every single effort to achieve sustainable excellence in our work. With passion and through deliberate practice, we keep raising the bar for ourselves in all that we do. We believe that only by unceasingly improving, we can then stay ahead of the curve and continue to stay strong as the market leader.


Our unyielding commitment is an ace up our sleeve. We take every relationship, project and feedback to heart. Every day we are committed to go the extra mile in delivering the finest standard of service to our clients. We also recognize that employees are integral to our success, hence we strive to create a culture where safety is our second nature.


Innovation is a catalyst for the growth and success of our business. Believing the sky’s the limit, our team takes lead, embraces change, and continuously strives to discover creative ideas and solutions. We aimed to bring value, learn and share, and most importantly, breakthrough as a team.

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